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Sharing and learning across the world

One of the many joys of research is being able to share your discoveries and learn from others. These are major priorities for us in the Maerz lab. We often present our work at conferences which are also rich with opportunities to learn from other experts in our field.

Post-doc: Alex knights (left); PI: Tristan Maerz (right)

Gordon MSK Conference

August 2022 (Andover, NH): Alex and Tristan had a blast sharing our exciting bioinformatics work at "summer camp" aka the Gordon MSK Conference in New Hampshire!

Undergraduate student: Dennis Farmer

Summer Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program Symposium

August 2022 (Ann Arbor, MI): Congrats Dennis on a productive summer and beautiful poster! We are excited to see where you decide to take this research next in the lab.

FASEB Matricellular Protein Conference

July 2022 (Lisbon, Portugal): Lindsey and Christina loved their first international conference and represented the Maerz and Hankenson labs very well at the Matricellular Protein Conference in Lisbon, Portugal!

MiMHC Annual Musculoskeletal Health Symposium

May 2022 (Ann Arbor, MI): We had a strong showing of undergraduates, graduate students, and post-docs at the MiMHC Annual Musculoskeletal Health Symposium. Great work Alex, Michelle, Haneef, Lindsey, Olivia, and Christina! Also, congratulations to Lindsey for winning the Podium Presentation Travel Award competition!

Michigan Postdoctoral Pioneer Program Symposium

May 2022 (Ann Arbor, MI): Awesome job to Alex for his fantastic talk, Lindsey for her 3rd place poster, and Christina for another impressive poster!

Orthopaedic Research Society Conference

February 2022 (Tampa, FL): In between the THREE Maerz lab podium presentations from Lindsey, Alex, and Lucas, the group had some time to relax with their U of M friends and colleagues, Dr. Andrea Alford and Dr. Kurt Hankenson. Lindsey, Lucas, and Easton were even lucky enough to snag a picture with the famous, illustrious Golden Tibia!