Lab fun!

Building a community

In the Maerz lab, we are a community of people who genuinely enjoy each others company inside and outside of the lab. The strong, supportive network that we build and connections we make reach far and wide beyond our lab. So, we often like to invite our collaborators, our friends, to join in on the fun! And, when we aren't too caught up in it, we like to document and share our adventures!

It is s'more fun to celebrate together!

October 2022: It was a perfect fall night for a campfire and some celebratory s'mores in honor of the Maerz lab's most recent publication in Annals of Rheumatic Diseases. Alex Knights, post-doc, was both a fantastic leader for the paper and a gracious campfire host. Great work team on a huge collaborative effort and an outstanding publication!

Science and celebrations on the river!

July 2022: The Maerz lab enjoyed hosting our collaborators and friends from Western University (Ontario, Canada), Dr. Tom Appleton and the newly minted Dr. Holly Philpott!! It was a beautiful afternoon of floating down the river and watching birds while brainstorming and planning the new directions of our ongoing collaboration. We also enjoyed celebrating Holly's recent defense and all of her incredible accomplishments throughout her PhD. We wish her luck on her next journey in medical school where she will become double Dr. Philpott!

Lindsey with "Ode to a Bum Knee"

Science is art!

July 2022: The Maerz lab made its artistic debut at the 2022 Ann Arbor Art Fair! Lindsey's microscopy image, "Ode to a Bum Knee", was selected to be in the Bioartography 2022 collection which also has a booth at the annual Ann Arbor Art Fair. Check out the other incredible images in this year's collection!

Exploring Lisbon!

July 2022: Tristan and Lindsey along with our good friends from the Hankenson lab, Kurt and Christina, had an incredible experience attending the FASEB Matricellular Protein Conference in Lisbon, Portugal. While there, they took as much time as they could to enjoy the rich culture, scenery, architecture, and food.

Maerz Lab vs Hankenson Lab: Axe Throwing Showdown!

May 2022: The Maerz and Hankenson labs put their axe wielding skills to the test with The Axe Throwing Showdown! Each individual put on an impressive performance, but ultimately Kyle Maas was victorious (leftmost in group photo). Stay tuned to see if he defends his title in the next showdown.

The rain didn't stop this party!

Good luck Dr. Bergman!

May 2022: Send off party for Dr. Rachel Bergman! Rachel has been an integral component of the lab since she joined in 2020. Now that she has finished medical school, she will be moving on to her orthopaedic surgery residency at Northwestern University!

Slurping Turtle is always a winner for dinner!

Welcome, Rush!

August 2021: The Maerz lab had a fantastic time hosting our colleagues from Rush University, Dr. Anne-Marie Malfait, Dr. Rachel Miller, and Dr. Lai Wang. The collaborative Rush-UofM team had a long day of experimental harvests and also found time to share a delicious meal together.